We make handmade shoes, following a style that sets us apart from the rest of the shoe brands. Our goal is to satisfy the demands of the most demanding customers, making our crafting capacity available and the care in the choice of materials for the realization of the final product.

It all started towards the end of 2009, with a bizarre experiment, in the store of a store: what happens if you apply a handmade, handcrafted sneaker to a pair of famous sneakers, with the aim of creating a cutting-edge look?

We have not yet found the definitive answer to this question: we have realized that combining the futuristic appeal of street-style and the incomparable charm of traditional craftsmanship creates a universe of possibilities, and it is in this space that the idea of Work_On has grown and evolved. Work_On is born from the mind, eyes, hands, dreams and nightmares of Giuseppe Caniglia. Call it Peppe, he is thirty years old and would like to customize the whole galaxy.

Work_On literally means "working on something that already exists": today it represents a brand, with a laboratory where every challenge is renewed every day. We put “under the knife” sneakers and moccasins that we produce with our brand, but also Converse All Star, the shoes with more customizations in history: in the infinite differences between each model, what remains unchanged is the style without compromise, the brazen approach and the 101% artisan technique.

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